Pow Wow Event Management

A mobile first solution for any size of event.

Organizing your Pow Wow is now as easy as receiving a text.


Organizing your vendors, dancers, and campers is a hectic time if you’re in charge of a large event. Let TribalPoint provide the solution. With TribalGather, Pow Wow Management now becomes manageable.

TribalGather is also great for Emergency Preparedness during your Pow Wow allowing officers or officials to send out emergency notifications in case of inclement weather, or states of emergency.

From vendors to volunteers, TribalGather provides tribes an easy, configurable solution for intake, scheduling, live notifications, and agenda management.

Everything in One Place

TribalGather is an all inclusive solution for your Pow Wow. Event Management, Registration, Shopping Cart, CRM, Account Management, Payment Management, Email Marketing is all at your finger tips, before, during and after your event. TribalGather is 100% customizable, and scalable creating a synergy between your tribe, visitors, and Pow Wow participants.

Manage from Start to Finish

TribalGather empowers tribes to run successful Pow Wows with an all-in-one event solution. Our Solution facilitates the needs of Tribes through out the life of their event of Pow Wow. From tickets, interactive Campsite plans, to self check-in kiosks, TribalPoint will bring cutting edge technology solutions to your next Pow Wow.


Intake, Registration and Tickets:

Volunteers – Intake a time slot sign ups

Vendors – Intake and Document Submission

Visitors – Email Marketing, Ticket Purchases


Event Management:

Agenda Notifications

Police and Tribal Notifications

Real time Scheduling Changes with Notification

Follow Up

Surveys and feedback

Email Marketing for Next Year

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