Citizen Portals

Government at your citizen's finger tips with Self-Service Citizen Portals

eGovernment: Citizen-Centered and Highly on-Demand

TribalPoint will provide digital transformation starting with tribal Services and extend that investment out to your tribal Citizen.

Our Citizen Self-Service portals on built on Dynamics CRM:

  • Made for Tribal organizations that distribute services to Tribal Citizens and want to manage their Citizen relationships.
  • Tribes that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to offer their customers access to a Self-Service Portal – a Citizen-friendly service for requesting services such as Education Tuition Waivers , citizen address changes, and additional tribal needs.

When TribalPoint carries out a Dynamics CRM deployment, we’ll give you the option of creating a web portal (e.g. Self-Service Portal) that uses your very own data.

Don’t have Microsoft Dynamics CRM just yet? Ask us How!


Creating New Standards in Tribal Services. How Do Kiosks, Terminals, and Self Service Portals Sound?

Tribal Organizations can offer their citizens access to a Self-Care Portal through which the whole service process will be carried out – the citizens can change an address, buy a hunting license, issue a complaint, and also check the status of their inquiries.

Citizen Portals Built on Dynamics CRM Provide:

  • Better communication and more efficient service handling (e.g. ability to capture, and work with data)
  • More comprehensive knowledge about your citizen – meaning a possibility reach exceptional customer service
  • A single and up-to-date data structure – with direct communication between your staff and citizen Portal users
  • Unique, Just like You – new, user-friendly, non-standard interfaces (in accordance with your Tribe’s visual identity)
  • Lower cost of maintaining customer service
  • Robust modification possibilities, lower cost of platform development