Citizen Portals

Government at your citizen's finger tips with Self-Service Citizen Portals

eGovernment: Citizen-Centered and Highly on-Demand

TribalPoint will provide digital transformation starting with tribal services and extend that investment out to your tribal citizens.

Our Citizen Self-Service portals are built on Dynamics CRM:

  • Made for Tribes that distribute services to tribal citizens and want to increase the value of their citizen relationships.
  • Tribes that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to offer their customers access to a Self-Service Portal – a Citizen-friendly solution for requesting services such as Education Tuition Waivers , citizen address changes, and additional citizen needs.

When TribalPoint carries out a Dynamics CRM deployment, we’ll give you the option of creating a web portal (e.g. Self-Service Portal) that uses your very own data.

Don’t have Microsoft Dynamics CRM just yet? Ask us How!


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Creating New Standards in Tribal Services. How Do Kiosks, Terminals, and Self Service Portals Sound?

Tribal Organizations can offer their citizens access to a Self-Care Portal through which the whole service process will be carried out – the citizens can change an address, buy a hunting license, issue a complaint, and also check the status of their inquiries.

Citizen Portals Built on Dynamics CRM Provide:

  • Better communication and more efficient service handling (e.g. ability to capture, and work with data)
  • More comprehensive knowledge about your citizen – meaning a possibility reach exceptional customer service
  • A single and up-to-date data structure – with direct communication between your staff and citizen Portal users
  • Unique, Just like You – new, user-friendly, non-standard interfaces (in accordance with your Tribe’s visual identity)
  • Lower cost of maintaining customer service
  • Robust modification possibilities, lower cost of platform development