Tribal Data

Data Driven Tribal Services Equal Success

Analytics and Business Intelligence

A Tool for Tribal Analytics

Microsoft Power BI is a service that offers quick, transparent, and effective visualizations and Tribal data analyses.

We’ll se up an account and in seconds start working with Power BI. A few minutes later, literally, you will see all your Tribal data coming from various sources and services (e.g. CRM or Google Analytics) and in an entirely new and attractive form.

It gives you a full 360-degree image of your Tribe all in one place – you can monitor  data on all your devices in real time at any time.


Advanced Business Analytics

Do you need more information? Thanks to the drag & drop functionality you will be able to perform an in-depth analysis in a simple way.

Always be up-to-date: set up mobile notifications that will inform you when data changes. Keep your department informed: effortlessly share reports and dashboards with your coworkers.

Microsoft Power BI will quickly assist you in data modeling, data cleansing, and such data processing that allows for generation of impressive reports, which then can be handily presented to others.