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IoT is the Future and Governments will Benefit

IoT Internet of Things
IoT Growth

By 2020 IoT spending will reach $1.29 trillion. Yes, that’s with a ‘T’. The many IoT applications will drive the economy. IoT will provide solutions to everyone in ways that we are now just dreaming up. The International Data Corporation (IDC)  released this projection recently and industries poised to invest most are manufacturing, transportation and utilities.

IoT Governments

Furthermore, cross industry applications like connected vehicles for transportation, and smart buildings will invest in these technologies. From these investments, governments will take advantage of this new nervous system of data. IoT’s knack for transparency and accountability will without doubt bring savings and drive value that is delivered to their citizens.

Imagine all the transportation needs of a government. There are loads of vehicles in a fleet. Intelligent management of this fleet is corner stone to providing citizens with high value services. Fleets made up of Head Start school buses or Police cars will have intelligent management of vehicles to save governments’ money and in turn translate into value for its citizens.

Let’s take a look at government owned vehicles. Outfitted with ODCB sensors that have wireless abilities, governments can track the usage of those vehicles. Metrics such a idle time, travel distance, speed limit violations, and use time all begin to paint a picture of what each vehicle is doing through out the day. Now feed the data into a nervous center and were talking!

Now imagine taking all of that data the vehicles are producing on a daily basis and passing it through a platform to give decision makers actionable analysis. Government department heads can begin to look as this vehicle use data and make decisions about certain employees driving habits, the over utilization times of the fleet, and idle times. We can then take these examples and make budgeting or government efficiency decisions based off IoT data.

Tribal ETC Projects Accomplished Affordably with Experts

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    • Let’s us surprise you with our ideas for Tribal Government efficiency.
    • We are ready to share our knowledge and work with your needs to create positives outcomes that will be wins for your citizens.
  • An ETC Assessment is always Free:
    • We love meeting new faces, interested in an ETC project? Have one of expert Architects out to your government to do an assessment. It’s always free.
    • Like what you hear and see? Let’s talk about Training Workshops and Project Management.

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