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Tribal ETC Projects Accomplished Affordably with Experts

Why choose TribalPoint to help in your Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC) endeavor?
  • We’ve Done it Before:
    • TribalPoint is Indian Country’s only independent Enhanced Tribal Card consulting firm with employees who complete ETC projects for tribes.
    • Our Founders have been instrumental in ETC implementation and ETC education.
    • Our architects are skilled in tribal governments and understand ETC project management dynamics and IT project implementations.
  • We’re Affordable and Efficient:
    • TribalPoint is here for the Tribes. Big or small, we help all to get ETCs into the hands of tribal citizens.
    • Our approach is always low pressure.
    • You as the Tribe own what we create together. And we will never push into restrictive contracts or NDAs.
    • Knowledge is our product and we believe customers should only purchase what they need. TribalPoint is A-la-Carte consulting firm that encourages clients to utilize our expertise when it’s needed at project hurdles.
    • But, if time is not by your side, we are happy to roll up our sleeves, and manage an entire ETC project.
  • Our Experts come from Tribal Gov’t:
    • On staff, TribalPoint has consultants with the experience of implementing large scale IT projects for Tribal Organizations.
    • Let’s us surprise you with our ideas for Tribal Government efficiency.
    • We are ready to share our knowledge and work with your needs to create positives outcomes that will be wins for your citizens.
  • An ETC Assessment is always Free:
    • We love meeting new faces, interested in an ETC project? Have one of expert Architects out to your government to do an assessment. It’s always free.
    • Like what you hear and see? Let’s talk about Training Workshops and Project Management.

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Enhanced Tribal Card Training Courses Announced

TribalPoint is pleased to announce our new productized Enhanced Tribal Card workshop offerings. We’ve taken the ETC needs of tribes and put them into an easily purchasable package. Workshops are expert led and cover a wide range or topics which encompass a tribal ETC project and help to facilitate success.
With the purchase of one of three TribalPoint workshops, we send an expert out to work with your key tribal stakeholders on site, together in real life.  Our experts are able to break our workshops up into sessions geared towards Tribal Council, Tribal IT, Tribal Admin and Citizens. The sessions build upon the skills and knowledge already apparent within the tribe and support staff with project considerations that will lead to their success.

Our ETC Workshops cover a wide variety of topics. Tribes in any point in the ETC process can benefit from a workshop. Our Introductory workshop “ETC JumpStart” is the perfect two day experience for tribes considering Enhanced Tribal Identification. Within the JumpStart program, tribes (with an expert) will examine their readiness for pursuing ETC, get questions answered about the implications of instating an ETC initiative, and set up the next steps for initiating an ETC project.

Our subsequent workshops present tribes with a wealth of knowledge about ETCs and the project process. Onsite and with key stakeholders, our experts will work directly with your ETC project champion to pin point your key challenges with completion of your ETC project. TribalPoint will then create a custom workshop to get key stakeholders and our experts collaborating on a solution.

With three workshops to choose from, let the ETC collaboration within your tribe run wild.  Our experts are excited to facilitate workshops that provide real value and translate our ETC project experience into your Tribal ETC project.