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Introducing CitizenPoint Portal for Governments

Utilizing Microsoft technologies, we introduce CitizenPoint eGov Portal.

Watch, Learn and Reach out Today to get started!

CitizenPoint offers nations the following features: A mobile first approach to process citizens forms, requests, and documentation. Azure IOT for tribal building/community management and preventative maintenance scheduling of various investments. Live analytics provided by Power BI and Visio to improve decision makers ability to use live data.

eGovernment: Citizen-Centered and Highly on-Demand

TribalPoint will provide digital transformation starting with tribal services and extend that investment out to your tribal citizens.

Our Citizen Self-Service portals are built on Dynamics CRM:

  • Made for Tribes that distribute services to tribal citizens and want to increase the value of their citizen relationships.
  • Tribes that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to offer their customers access to a Self-Service Portal – a Citizen-friendly solution for requesting services such as Education Tuition Waivers , citizen address changes, and additional citizen needs.

When TribalPoint carries out a Dynamics CRM deployment, we’ll give you the option of creating a web portal (e.g. Self-Service Portal) that uses your very own data.

Creating New Standards in Tribal Services. How Do Kiosks, Terminals, and Self Service Portals Sound?

Tribal Organizations can offer their citizens access to a Self-Care Portal through which the whole service process will be carried out – the citizens can change an address, buy a hunting license, issue a complaint, and also check the status of their inquiries.

Citizen Portals Built on Dynamics CRM Provide:

  • Better communication and more efficient service handling (e.g. ability to capture, and work with data)
  • More comprehensive knowledge about your citizen – meaning a possibility reach exceptional customer service
  • A single and up-to-date data structure – with direct communication between your staff and citizen Portal users
  • Unique, Just like You – new, user-friendly, non-standard interfaces (in accordance with your Tribe’s visual identity)
  • Lower cost of maintaining customer service
  • Robust modification possibilities, lower cost of platform development

Visit our Citizen-Centric Portals page to learn more.

TribalPoint will assist in finding funding for your Enhanced Tribal Card

It’s that time of the year: April showers bring May flowers and government funding. 🙂

According to the ‘Fiscal Year 2017 Federal Funding for Programs Serving Tribes and Native American Communities,’ the President’s proposed Budget for 2017 commits $10 million in FEMA grant monies for tribes via the Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program (THSGP).

Great News for Tribes: With THSGP, TribalPoint is Ready to Make ETCs a Reality-

At TribalPoint, we are ready to help with your grant preparation.

We are happy to develop, draft and edit a response to FEMA for ETC monies and to timely submit the documents.  Unlike some entities that may charge hourly fees (often resulting in a substantially higher overall bill), we charge a flat fee to assure that mutual obligations and responsibilities are clear.

TribalPoint will provide assistance to develop and conduct substantive research and to draft and edit competitive and persuasive responses.  Our editing services ensure that facts, names, terminology, and institutional values are presented consistently throughout the RFP, from one section to another.

We will ensure that a clear, consistent, and accurate message is transmitted and that typos, grammatical and factual errors and language-use problems are avoided. Our Experts will also ensure that your documents are consistently designed; that font style, header style, logo usage, and page formatting should be consistent throughout your document.

In Conclusion:

This Great News means that grant monies set aside by the government can be used to pay for your Tribe’s Enhanced Tribal Card project.

“THSGP funds may be used for a variety of planning activities, organizational activities, equipment purchases, training, exercises, personnel activities, and maintenance and sustainment (including maintenance contracts, repair and replacement costs, upgrades, user fees, and implementation). ” -FEMA.Gov

Thus, the money can cover consulting fees, software, hardware, and many more ascots of the Enhanced Tribal Card Implementation.

Soon the Government will release a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Tribal Homeland Security Grant, but don’t worry, TribalPoint will keep our eyes open and notify everyone. Keep checking our site and Social Media for the news!

Reach Out today and We will get Started on your ETCs.