Why choose TribalPoint to help in your Enhanced Tribal Card (ETC) endeavor?
  • We’ve Done it Before:
    • TribalPoint is Indian Country’s only independent Enhanced Tribal Card consulting firm with employees who complete ETC projects for tribes.
    • Our Founders have been instrumental in ETC implementation and ETC education.
    • Our architects are skilled in tribal governments and understand ETC project management dynamics and IT project implementations.
  • We’re Affordable and Efficient:
    • TribalPoint is here for the Tribes. Big or small, we help all to get ETCs into the hands of tribal citizens.
    • Our approach is always low pressure.
    • You as the Tribe own what we create together. And we will never push into restrictive contracts or NDAs.
    • Knowledge is our product and we believe customers should only purchase what they need. TribalPoint is A-la-Carte consulting firm that encourages clients to utilize our expertise when it’s needed at project hurdles.
    • But, if time is not by your side, we are happy to roll up our sleeves, and manage an entire ETC project.
  • Our Experts come from Tribal Gov’t:
    • On staff, TribalPoint has consultants with the experience of implementing large scale IT projects for Tribal Organizations.
    • Let’s us surprise you with our ideas for Tribal Government efficiency.
    • We are ready to share our knowledge and work with your needs to create positives outcomes that will be wins for your citizens.
  • An ETC Assessment is always Free:
    • We love meeting new faces, interested in an ETC project? Have one of expert Architects out to your government to do an assessment. It’s always free.
    • Like what you hear and see? Let’s talk about Training Workshops and Project Management.

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